Flamenco Guitarist

* Born in Glasgow *
*Living in Bristol *
*Heart in Spain *

Although hailing from Scotland Cuffy's musical Soul belongs in Andalucía.
An early love of music led him to the Guitar & a brief affair with heavy rock but it was the discovery of FLAMENCO GUITAR that captured his imagination & it became his TRUE LOVE. His passion for Flamenco has often taken him to Spanish shores to study, this, combined with Playing with other Musicians, Dancers & Singers and Constant Practice has resulted in Cuffy becoming a very talented & versatile player with a deep understanding of all Flamenco styles.

Cuffy occasionally plays solo, but more often collaborates with a varied line up of Musicians, Dancers & Singers from the UK & Spain.
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He guest features on Bristol based ’UP BUSTLE AND OUT' numerous albums & has joined them for UK & European live gigs.
Cuffy has also toured worldwide with Lovely Ladino singer 'YASMIN LEVY'

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